Pre-College Programs
at Tufts University

Full-Funnel Marketing for a Renowned Set of Pre-College Programs


  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • CRM + Marketing Automation
  • Web Design + Development
  • Postcards, Flyers + Brochures
  • Competitor Research
  • Website + Landing Page Copy
  • Nurture + Broadcast Emails

Tufts University offers dozens of programs and courses targeted towards high school students. Viv developed a geographic targeting strategy and helped the Tufts team integrate the Slate CRM into their applicant communications strategies.


Meeting students where they are

Tufts University Pre-College Programs offers a wide range of opportunities for high-school students and was seeing no shortage of student interest, but they were looking to refine their geographical targeting and lower costs per enrollment for students.

Additionally, they began using the Slate CRM and needed support with applicant communications and yield.


An Improved Nurture Experience

Viv completely redesigned the Tufts Pre-College Programs email nurture strategy, allowing high school students and their parents to more easily access information about their specific program interests—while making the design of ads and landing pages pop. Viv also drafted and placed search and display ads and refreshed creative for traditional out-of-home advertising placements across Boston.


Supported the launch and drove enrollment for five new programs: Tufts Summer Accelerator, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Bootcamp, Climate Resilience Institute, Graphic Design Bootcamp, and Engineering Design Lab


average conversion rate on Pre-College landing pages to date


overall click-through ad rate

Bringing Viv on board was one of the best decisions our team made. The approach was collaborative, always aimed at our needs and particular complexities. From the moment the team came on, we knew that we'd found a great partner who would be committed to our goals.
Tara Pope
Tara Pope - Director of MarketingTufts University College