Information Technology Services
at Northeastern University

Connecting Students and Staff to Solutions via Campus Signage


  • Digital + Print Advertising
  • Branding

Information Technology Services at Northeastern University offers several key student services, including their Tech Service Portal and Tech Bar.


Grabbing attention + staying on brand

To address a lack of awareness around NU ITS resources, Viv developed a bevy of ad concepts that could be scaled across different formats and tailored to a variety of IT challenges. Upon publication of these ads, NU ITS saw an increase in service requests and tech portal visits.

Viv also developed signage for the “Tech Bar” in the Snell Library.
Every aspect of the Viv team and the work they took on for us was well-developed and hyper-focused to meet specific goals and follow branding guidelines. The signage, and project overall, clearly benefited from Viv’s thoughtful insights into higher education spaces and audiences. The signage is unique, eye-catching, crisp, and visually easy to quickly understand and interpret.
Alex Roth
Alex Roth - Lead-Communications OperationsNortheastern University