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A Content-First Approach to Executive Education Lead GenerationA Content-First Approach to Executive Education Lead Generation
Executive Education
at Babson College
A Content-First Approach to Executive Education Lead Generation
Revamping Brand & Enrollment Strategy For a Catholic Liberal Arts CollegeRevamping Brand & Enrollment Strategy For a Catholic Liberal Arts College
Assumption University
Revamping Brand & Enrollment Strategy For a Catholic Liberal Arts College
Growing Global Enrollment for a Diverse Set of Short CoursesGrowing Global Enrollment for a Diverse Set of Short Courses
Cambridge Advance Online
At University of Cambridge
Growing Global Enrollment for a Diverse Set of Short Courses

What Our Clients Say

"Working with Viv has been a rewarding and educational experience. Initially hired for a consulting project, I was so impressed with their professional and insightful marketing analysis that I decided to terminate the contract with our agency and hired Viv in their place. The team at Viv are always responsive, helpful, and provide thoroughly researched strategies to optimize and improve performance. I would recommend them to anyone."
"Working with the Viv team has been a game-changer for Babson. They skillfully and creatively tackle every challenge at hand, from lead gen to content to analytics. I am continually impressed with the high quality of their work and their ability to adapt their workflow based on shifting needs."
"A few years ago, the highly ranked Penn State University World Campus was exploring developing a focused international marketing campaign to reach students in targeted countries around the world. Suzan Brinker led this global market research strategy. Her innovative, thorough, focused, objective and high quality work inspired huge confidence in the results. As a result, her deep quantitative and qualitative assessments informed the World Campus’ global marketing strategy, resulting in a cost effective and successful strategic marketing campaign."
"The team brings an excellent combination of design talent, copywriting prowess, and higher education expertise. They very quickly learned the complexities within the unit and are champions of our brand and messaging consistency. I have watched as they graciously and confidently respond to the often shifting needs of our market segments, always acting as strong strategy consultants."
"Bringing Viv on board was one of the best decisions our team made. The approach was collaborative, always aimed at our needs and particular complexities. From the moment the team came on, we knew that we'd found a great partner who would be committed to our goals."
"My experience has been that agencies unfamiliar with higher education often struggle to realize they may have to adjust to a very niche market, which is why Viv’s attitude was such a breath of fresh air. The work they did for us was exactly what we needed, taking into account the unique perspective and needs of an audience looking for a specific academic program."
"I was thrilled with the work Viv did to develop and execute a strategic marketing campaign for our educator program. They went beyond the call of duty to support our team, providing us with exceptional market insight, creative communication and marketing methods, and continuous support throughout the entire initiative. They are an impressive marketing firm and demonstrated true customer support and engagement. I can’t wait to work with the team again."
"Every aspect of the Viv team and the work they took on for us was well-developed and hyper-focused to meet specific goals and follow branding guidelines. The signage, and project overall, clearly benefited from Viv’s thoughtful insights into higher education spaces and audiences. The signage is unique, eye-catching, crisp, and visually easy to quickly understand and interpret."
"Suzan’s vast knowledge of the Higher Ed industry allows her to immerse herself in the institution’s brand and produce content that is informative and relevant. Her ability to stay on top of industry trends while maintaining the core value propositions within all communications is a unique and valuable skill."
"Everyone has been saying the new web site is a “home run!“"
"Everyone's very happy with the site - thanks for all the fantastic work you’ve done on it! Everyone on our team is really happy with it!"
"Suzan has a mind for strategy. She is terrific at facilitating groups to develop a shared vision and helping translate that vision into action. She follows through to keep things moving while simultaneously taking the time to build the buy-in she knows is needed."
"Suzan worked on an annual report for my unit in 2018. The final document showcased our mission and impact in a compelling and effective manner, and we were able to use it in conversations with donors and other stakeholders."
"Suzan has a talent for creating engaging content in a concise, informative way that motivates the target audience to take the next desired action. She knows what value propositions are important to prospective students at each point of the student enrollment journey and how to elevate these in communications. Suzan is also an expert in developing marketing campaigns for both the international and domestic audiences, and has a strong handle on how communication strategies for these core groups differ."
"Suzan knows her audiences and develops content that will resonate with them. She is able to integrate CRM strategy and technology to deliver results."
"Suzan is a pro at SEO and SEM strategy. She considers keywords and search engine algorithms early on when planning campaigns and pushes her collaborators to do the same. This results in stronger copy, better websites, and increased ROI"
"I had the pleasure of working closely with Suzan at Penn State Outreach. She was a phenomenal leader who constantly inspired and encouraged our team. Suzan had great relationships with unit leaders across the University and provided strategic leadership that guided our teams most impactful marketing work."
"We have been very pleased by the graphic design work performed by Viv. Both their overall website design and their logo re-design work have achieved exactly what we hoped: We now have a public presentation telling the world that we are up-to-date without being trendy, that we are focused, that we are active, that we are making change…We have been working hard to communicate to our audiences that we are a rejuvenated organization, rapidly moving forward in pursuit of our mission. From the feedback we have received from constituents, we know that Viv’s web design has been a crucial element in our success in achieving that communications goal."
"Suzan and her staff members were strategic, collaborative, and proactive in ensuring that we used our prospect and applicant data to drive conversions. Suzan’s attention to detail and innovative approaches increased ROI and relationships with our faculty stakeholders."

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