The Urgent Need For Strategic Leadership in Higher Education

Scheduled to publish in July, and shipping mid-August, Pass / Fail: The Urgent Need for Strategic Leadership in Higher Education is brought to you by Suzan Brinker, PhD, Viv’s co-founder and CEO. Learn more about the book and pre-order below!

Pass / Fail is a call to action for dynamic and strategic leadership in higher education. I have woven together personal narratives with broader industry insights to provide a multifaceted toolkit for leaders looking to navigate and shape the future of higher education amidst potential disruptions and evolving demands.

In Pass / Fail, I delve into the essential need for strategic leadership in the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.  After 10+ years of working in higher education, including with institutions like Penn State, Northeastern, Tufts, Babson, the University of Cambridge, Bryant, the University of New Mexico, and Assumption University, I wanted to create an everyday resource for higher ed leaders that can both inspire and empower. Based on interviews with higher ed presidents and VPs, as well as case studies from multiple institutions I’ve worked with directly, this book will be full of actionable insights about how to move the needle on strategy, brand, enrollment, and culture.

Through Pass / Fail, I present a vision of the future that spans from low to high disruption scenarios, emphasizing the need for leadership that is adaptable and responsive to varying contexts. I also share about my personal journey, including a tragic car accident in 2007 that set me on my path to a lifelong belief in higher ed’s transformative power and a commitment to making it even better. My personal journey, interwoven with insights from a multitude of colleges and universities, offers a rich tapestry of the sector’s challenges and opportunities.


Who is this book for?

This book is for higher education administrators, staff, faculty, and anyone else working at and with colleges and universities who wants to help their institution evolve into a community that understands its magic and uses that power to grow impact and enrollments.

  • Higher Education Administrators: They will find strategic insights for navigating challenges like technological disruption and demographic shifts, aiding them ineffective institutional management.
  • University Faculty and Academics: Faculty members can benefit from understanding broader institutional challenges and opportunities, enriching their teaching methods and engagement with students.
  • Educational Policy Makers: The book offers them a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of higher education, helping inform policy decisions that can shape the future of education.
  • Marketing Professionals in Higher Education: They can gain insights into effective branding and enrollment strategies in a competitive educational market.
    Leaders of Online Education Platforms: They will find valuable perspectives on the future of online learning and strategies for integrating technology in education.
  • Education Consultants: The book provides a comprehensive view of higher education challenges and strategies, aiding consultants in offering informed advice to educational institutions.
  • Graduate Students in Education Programs: These readers can gain a nuanced understanding of the field they are entering, preparing them for future roles in educational leadership.
  • Prospective College Students and Parents: They can get a broader view of the higher education landscape, helping in making informed choices about college education.
    International Education Professionals: The book’s insights into the global dynamics of higher education will be valuable for professionals dealing with international students or programs.
  • Non-Profit Organizations Focused on Education: These organizations can gain valuable insights for their initiatives, especially those aimed at inclusivity and accessibility in education.

Launch Team Benefits

Pass / Fail  is scheduled to publish in July and ship by August 15! By pre-ordering below, you’ll be invited to join the Pre-Order Launch Team where you’ll get exclusive rewards and the opportunity to interact with me throughout my publishing journey.

All Pre-Order Launch Team members will receive:

  • A physical copy (softcover, paperback) of the book when published
  • Behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into the publishing process
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  • Involvement in finalizing my cover and title
  • Invitation to monthly Virtual Coffee Meet Ups, and more!